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COVID-19 Precautionary Notification


COVID-19 Pandemic

As concerns about COVID-19 outbreak increase, we are reaching out with brief update to let you know how MiSUMI India is planning & ensuring safety of its employees & providing safe & smooth product delivery during this time.

  • We are constantly monitoring body temperature of all of our employees to avoid any health hazards.

  • MISUMI logistics team is taking all precautionary measures to maintain a clean & healthy operation. All products are sanitized & while packing proper care is being taken by operators by using face mask hand gloves and regular hand sanitization .

  • We have issued strict health precautions to our delivery partners as well as support staff. All delivery partners are instructed to follow COVID-19 precautionary guidelines during "in-transit" & delivery of the shipment at customer end.

  • Our sales team strives hard to serve clients even during odd circumstances. However during this crucial period, we encourage communication via phone & Email instead of visitation.

As an organization, we are committed to positive action during this time. Client safety & comfort are of utmost priority for us. We will keep on sending updates about further developments if needed. We encourage you to follow all health advisories issued by Indian government and not to fall for rumours.

Your kind co-operation is highly appreciated.


Tsubasa Wada

Managing Director

MISUMI India Pvt. Ltd.