DIN Type Components Goodie Campaign – Part 2 –

Goodie campaign is back by popular demand!
According to your total purchase volume during the campaign period,
you will get a goodie!
*Terms & Conditions Apply

Campaign period : 1/2/2019~30/3/2019

Campaign product : DIN Type Leader Components, DIN Type Ejector Pins

Product Part Number : D-GPM00, D-GPM03, D-GBM10, D-GBM11, D-EPN

Added New Stock Items, Stock Items are shipped out within 1 day

  • DIN Type Leader Pins & Leader Bushings

    • 211 items are added to stock
    • ・Now, 370 stock items can be shipped out
    •    within 1 day

    DIN Type Leader Pins & Leader Bushings

  • DIN Type Ejector Pins

    • ・All 178 sizes are in stock

    DIN Type Ejector Pins

DIN Type Leader Pins

With head TypeD-GPM00



With head Type D-GPM00

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Without head TypeD-GPM03



With head Type D-GPM03

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DIN Type Leader Bushings

With head TypeD-GBM10



With head Type D-GBM10

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Without head TypeD-GBM11



With head Type D-GBM11

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DIN Type Ejector Pins

Straight Ejector PinsD-EPN



Straight Ejector Pins D-EPN

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Goodie Campaign Overview

What are the Goodies?

  • Selfie stick
  • Selfie stick
  • Selfie stick
Purchase condition
Leader Components
min. 10pcs
Ejector Pins
min. 50pcs
  • Leader Components
    min. 10pcs
  • Ejector Pins
    min. 50pcs

Selfie stick

Selfie stick

Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones
  • In addition

    Initial purchase since April 2018

    If the purchase is for the first time since April 2018,
    Everyone get a Sport bottle for buying min. 10 pcs
    of the Leader Components, or min. 50 pcs of the Ejector Pins.

  • Sport bottle

    Initial purchase

Terms and Conditions

  1. 1.This promotion campaign is valid from 1/2/2019 until 30/3/2019.
  2. 2.This promotion is only applicable for purchases of DIN Type Leader Pins, DIN Type Leader Bushings, and DIN Type Ejector Pins during the campaign period per each customer codes regardless of purchasing method.
  3. 3.The goodie items are available to all eligible customers who meet all the promotional purchase criteria without their action to join the campaign.
  4. 4.Available goodie items are determined by below conditions.
    1. 4-1. Total purchase quantity during the comparing period
      a. DIN Type Ejector Pins for min. 50 pcs ⇒ Selfie stick
      b. DIN Type Leader Components for min. 10 pcs ⇒ Selfie stick
      c. Both a and b ⇒ Bluetooth headphones
    2. 4-2.Initial purchase since April 2018, and the purchase is either min. 10 pcs of DIN Type Leader Components, or min. 50 pcs of DIN Type Ejector Pins ⇒ One Sport bottle (color cannot be specified)
  5. 5.Goodie item(s) is limited for 1 of either Selfie stick or Bluetooth headphones, and an extra 1 Sport Bottle for each customer code.
  6. 6.We will send announcement to registered e-mail address before sending the goodie item(s). If you wish to receive the goodie item(s), reply is unnecessary. If you do not need the goodie item(s), please reply to us.
  7. 7.The goodie item(s) will be sent to eligible customers during the February and the March.
  8. 8.MISUMI reserves the right to make any changes to this promotion and goodie items at any time.
  9. 9.This goodies are a kind of volume incentive for customer’s consume.

If you have any inquiry about the campaign, please contact below

  1. 1.For quotation & order : CS@misumi.co.in / Tel: +91-124-468-8800
    (9:00AM - 5:30PM Monday to Saturday)
  2. 2.For product, campaign, any other : din-e-pin@misumi.co.in
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