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Please, fill in this sheet to provide information on the end-use(s) and end-user(s) of Misumi's products that you have the intention to purchase. The definition of 'end-user' is as below*.
A-1. End-use information: Please describe the expected end-use for which Misumi's product(s) will be used.
Please describe the expected end-use for which Misumi's product(s) will be used.
(Please describe:  )
e.g. Automation machinery, Precision casting
A-2. End-use information. Will Misumi's product(s) be used for any of the following purposes?
1 Development, production, use, or storage of :
1.1 Nuclear, chemical and/or biological weapons (including equipments to disperse such weapons)
1.2 Missile and/or unmanned aircraft which has a transport range of at least 300 km
1.3 Nuclear fuel materials or nuclear raw materials 1.4 Nuclear reactors or related equipments and parts
Yes No
2 Research related to nuclear fusion or Production of heavy water
Yes No
3 Activity as below conducted by a military or defense agency or a party assigned by them.
a. Development or production of chemical materials
b. Development, production, use or storage of microorganisms
Yes No
4 Any military use other than above. (If yes, please describe in detail:  )
B. End-user information
1 Name of end-user (Please write down your company's name if it is the end-user.) 
2 Judging from any documents or recording media, does the end-user have ever conducted any of item 1 to 4 in A-2, End-use information?
Yes No
3 Judging from any information source, will Misumi's product(s) be used or brought in any of the following nations? : People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Lebanon, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somali Democratic Republic (Somalia), Sudan, Eritrea.
Yes No
*Definition of 'end-user': Either 1 or 2 as follows:
1. A party which will use the relevant Misumi's product(s) in its in-house equipment or device.
2. A party which will use, assemble, or process the relevant Misumi's product(s) in an equipment or device to sell.
Date 14/12/2018
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