Empowering Engineers with Configurable Components

It’s all about TIME

Configurable components allow you to specify the exact dimensions of the component, instead of having to select from standard components. It reduces the number of drawings for custom components, realizing efficiency for the design engineer.
Configurable components can be ordered with a part number, just like a standard component, realizing efficiencies in the ordering process.
Configurable components are available in a short lead time, reducing the total time it takes to design and build a machine.

Find more than 1 million products

Millions of Possible Configurations More components than you could ever imagine…..in a catalog.

When designing a new machine, an engineer would specify all the stock components possible, and then completed the system with custom products. Creating the drawings and obtaining custom quotations, consumes much of the engineers time and effort.
Then there is Misumi. Misumi offers more than 1 million products. Many popular sizes are stocked like other mechanical component manufacturers. But unlike others, many unique sizes are available as a configurable component.
Configurable components can reduce the number of custom components. Configurable components can reduce the number of component drawings. Configurable components offers many shapes to choose from, and many dimensions are configurable in 1mm increments or less.

Minimize your design time

Reduce the time to create drawings for custom components

With Configurable Components, engineers can specify dimensions, such as the length, diameter, threads and wrench flats in 1mm increments. The catalog provides specifications for the allowable parameters, and the part numbers can be easily generated using the online Configurator.
A part with unique dimensions can be ordered using a part number. It becomes a purchased part on your bill of materials for easy reproduction or maintenance in the future.
The configurator will generate a part number according to the dimensions specified. It also generates 3D-CAD files in various Native formats. The ability to download CAD files in the exact dimensions, allow engineers to save hours of engineering time.

Why is Misumi chosen worldwide?

99.96% on-time delivery rating Reliable products delivered around the world

Catalogs and eCatalogs have been translated into each language. Pricing has been calculated into local currencies, and lead times are published for each region. But product part numbers are the same worldwide.
A designer in Germany may used the German configurator and design a machine using Misumi components.
Then the order can be placed toward Misumi China, and shipped to a builder in China. If the machine is delivered to a customer in the USA, you may want to obtain maintenance parts from Misumi USA. This is all possible, because the same part number, even for a part with very unique dimensions, can be ordered using the same part number.

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