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Linear Bushings with Low Temperature Black Chrome Plating

Features of Low Temperature Black Chrome Plating

Low temperature black chrome plating of the linear bushings is 5μm of fluoro compound chemically on a black film, and it has a long lasting antirust effect.

Moreover, it does not crack easily and it can endure repeated bending. The combination with the low temperature black chrome plated shaft is applicable for places where rust or reflection of light is not allowed

Features of Low Temperature Black Chrome Plating

Testing Method
Salt water spray testing method conforms to JIS H8502
(Spray 35°C, 5 % NaCL Solution

Testing Sample
Linear Bushings, Rounding Flanged – Single Type --

Appearance of test piece before test,72hr,168hr

Linear Bushings for Grease Application

Various Grease Application Services

MISUMI’s Linear Bushings, except for Lubrication Unit MX type, are coated with antirust oil, but not greased.
By selecting from the following greases, you can order a greased type.
Selecting L or G type allows great reduction of the grease dispersion caused by operation. (Comparison of Dust Raise amount shown below)
H Type (NSF H-1 Attestation) can be used in the situation which have potential of contacting foods.
Safety is guaranteed even in case grease sticks to food during food processing.

Type Product Name Main Features
L Type ET-100k
(Made by Kyodo Yushi)
High heat resistance and oxidation stability. Also,superior in adhesion and cohesion with less leakage.
G Type LG2
(made by NSK Ltd.)
Limited dust generation and suitable for use in clean rooms. High corrosion resistance.
H Type FGL
Applicable to lubrication in machining and packaging of food,drink,and medicine .(NSF H-1 Registration No. 043534)

Linear Bushings with Lubrication Unit

Industry's 1st
Farewell to frequent lube maintenance…
Linear bushing with integrated lube unit MX at last!
Patent Pending

The MX lube unit supplies proper amount of lubrication by capillary action of it's fiber-pad material. Re-lubrication interval is greatly extended by constantly maintaining a film of lubricant between the shaft and the ball bearings.

Four merit points for the customers
1) Greatly extended maintenance intervals.
Extended lubrication performance means lowered maintenance loads.
2) Cost reduction effects.
Lowered maintenance costs and reduced troubles caused by forgetting to add lubricants.
3) Environment friendly
Keeps the surroundings clean, thus environmentally friendly.
4) No need for initial greasing.
Initial grease application is not required since lithium soap based grease is pre-applied to the lube unit and ball bearings.

Wide Variations Available!

Choose from 138 combinations based on sizes, shapes and surface treatments.

Shape Type Outer cylinder material Surface treatment Retainer material Size Seal
Linear bushing with MX Lube Unit LMU-MX SUJ2 - Resin (Duracon M90 equivalent) Φ10~30 Yes
Standard flange with MX Lube Unit LHF_-MX SUJ2 - Resin (Duracon M90 equivalent) Φ10~30 Yes
LHF_M-MX Electroless nickel plating
LHF_WM-MX Electroless nickel plating
Center flange with MX Lube Unit LHM_W-MX SUJ2 - Resin (Duracon M90 equivalent) Φ10~30 Yes
Piloted flange with MX Lube Unit LHIF_-MX SUJ2 - Resin (Duracon M90 equivalent) Φ10~30 Yes

Endurance Test Results

Tolerance Test Results <Testing condition>
Specimen : LMU12 with MX Lube Unit
Applied load : 206N (50% of rated dynamic load rating of 412N)
Average speed : 42m/min(0.7m/sec)
Stroke : 100mm
Lubricant : Initial lubrication application only
Shaft material : SUJ2 58HRC
(24 hrs. continuously operated)
* The value is for reference only, not a guaranteed performance value.

Rated life (L)

Definition: Distance which 90% of tested specimen can achieve without experiencing any flaking (fish scale-like surface damages).

The rated life can be obtained by the following formula based on basic dynamic load rating and applied load on the system.

  L: Rated life (km)
  C: Basic dynamic load rating
  P: Applied effective load (N)

When the applied effective load on the linear system is equal to the basic dynamic load rating C, the rated life L will be 50km. Similarly, when P=0.5 * C, the L=400km.

Under the condition of P=0.5 * C endurance testing, the linear bushing with MX Lube Unit achieved durability performance three times higher than the rated life.

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