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•Factory Automation Components Catalog [Indian Version].
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•More than 2,700 pages.
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Products Lineup
Linear Bushings
Linear Shafts
Linear Guides
Ball Screws
Locating Pins
Timing Pulleys
Timing Belts
Positioning Stages
Aluminum Extrusions
Resin Plates
Toggle Clamps
Castors and Levers
Oil free Bushings
Rollers & Conveyors
Adjustments Pads

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All products in the catalog are derived from customers' requests through over 40 years experience and relationship with customers
Top Quality
More than 80,000 customers adopt MISUMI products in the world including leading companies in manufacturing fields such as Automotives, Electronic Devices, Semiconductors, Medical Devices and so on.
No Minimum Quantity
We do not impose any minimum order quantity or value
Free 2D/3D CAD data
Free CAD data is available on MISUMI Website.Just simply follow the links on the website for fast,and efficient downloads.Various types of format can be selected.
Configurable Components
MISUMI has a unique cosind system for product selection.No drawings are required.Customers just select the shape/material and dimensions in 1mm increments.
Global Network
We provide true global services with our global network, including India ,Europe ,US, Japan, Korea, China and through out South-east Asia.Worldwide availability is one of our core competencies.
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