Press Die Components 2007 (DXF Format)

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Product Line File size
File Size
Punches 1.46 MB 9.45MB
Pilot Punches 1.04 MB 6.60MB
Punch Guide Bushings 444 KB 2.73MB
Button Dies 1.37 MB 8.62MB
Block Punches 4.61 MB 30.0MB
Block Dies 626 KB 4.06MB
Presion Punches & Dies 1.64 MB 10.6MB
Carbide Punches 643 KB 4.01MB
Carbide Pilot Punches 589 KB 3.58MB
Carbide Button Dies 527 KB 3.35MB
Carbide Block Punches 1.44 MB 10.5MB
Carbide Block Dies 463 KB 2.94MB
Related Components for Misfeed Sensors 192 KB 1.25MB
Punches & Dies for Forming 202 KB 1.40MB
Striper Guide Pins & Bushings 1.28 MB 7.98MB
Cpmponents 2.03 MB 12.0MB
Guide Lifters 1.47 MB 9.65MB
Guide Posts & Bushings for Die Set 1.53 MB 11.5MB
Holder Guide Post Sets 1.38 MB 10.4MB
Retainers 2.50 MB 20.7MB
Ball Lock Punches & Dies/Retainers 1.16 MB 8.41MB
Guide Posts & Bushings for Automobile Die 674 KB 4.34MB
Components of Cams 1.62 MB 11.1MB
Oil-Free Slide Plates 347 KB 2.24MB
Guide Components for Automobile Die 1.58 MB 10.5MB
Components for Transfer Die 1.20 MB 8.15MB
Coil Springs 264 KB 1.66MB
Gas Springs 2.09 MB 14.7MB
Urethane Springs 116 KB 622KB
Components for Lifting/Die Storing 659 KB 4.04MB


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