About Configurator

Specify type/dimension

You can choose products while designing.
Choose from list/ fill in each item.

List Material list is displayed as a new window. Choose from list.

Alteration Switched to alterations menu. Choose from list.

3D preview(Plug in is required to see "3D preview". Click here for download.

Specify type/dimension and click "3D Preview" 3D Preview Or tab menu 3D Preview
3D preview is generated (the process takes some time)

3D preview

How to operate 3D preview

While left-clicking , drag the cursor to rotate the 3D model.
While right-clicking the preview screen, drag upward to enlarge the view and downward to zoom out.
Double left click to restore the product view to screen size.
Single right click to make 3D model translucent.
Click both right and left mouse and drag to move 3D model.

3D preview control panel description

1. Transparent drawing (line drawing) 2. Delete opaque lines 3. Opaque line drawings available 4. Restore display size
5. Front preview 6. Back preview 7. Left preview 8. Right preview
9. Preview from above 10. Preview from bottom 11. Stereo rotational view 12. Development view
13. How to operate (help) 14. Viewer settings    

CAD Download

Specify type/dimension (after confirming on 3D preview)and click CAD Data or tab download
Press Generate after choosing your file format from pull-down menu.(You must log in to download CAD Data)
Click 2D CAD here for fixed dimension 2D CAD data download.

CAD Download

My components list

My components list button Add to My Components List and generated part numbers will be saved to My Components List. (you need to be logged in to use this function)

Add to cart

Click Add to cart button Add to cart to add to cart. Quotation request and orders can be placed from here (you need to be logged in to use this function)

About CAD data downloading



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